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Walking For Water Isn't Easy

3.5 miles – The average distance women and children walk every day, sometimes multiple times, in search of water that makes them sick. The road they traverse is dangerous and exhausting.

Hospitalizations Are Preventable

50% – The % of the entire world’s hospital beds occupied by men, women and children suffering from preventable, water-related diseases.

Education Matters

4 hours – The average time spent collecting unsafe water. That’s time that could otherwise be spent pursuing an education or income generating activities.

The Clock Is Ticking

21 seconds– The frequency a child under the age of 5 dies from preventable, water-related diseases.

Sickness Is Serious

#2 – The ranking of diarrhea amongst the world’s largest killers. It claims more lives than HIV, aids, genocide, war, and hunger, but is easily treatable with access to safe water and sanitation.

Thousands Are Lost Everyday

9,800 – The number of men, women and children who die every single day because of preventable, water-related diseases.

Water Is A Luxury

5 gallons – The average daily water usage of a family in Africa. Compare that to the 300 gallons an American family uses.

Water Is Heavy

8.3 pounds – The weight of 1 gallon of water. Try multiplying that by your entire family’s daily needs. Even 5 gallons would be over 40 pounds carried on the head, shoulders and backs of women and children.

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