Why We Walk

Luno and Edmond

March 10, 2015

Written by Kyle Whitcroft | Images by Esther Havens & field staff | Compiled by Tara Jones

In some of the areas where we work, we’ve found that women and children spend 2-3 hours walking to collect water every day. In most cases, the water source is between one to four miles from their home. To make matters worse, the water they collect is often not safe for drinking.



Imagine dipping a bucket into a lake where others are bathing, washing their clothes – or worse, relieving themselves – and then taking that water back to your family to drink. Not only can it make you sick, but it takes a significant amount of time to collect. All too often, this is not a once-a-day activity, but happens several times throughout the day. Add up the total hours spent collecting water, and you’ll quickly learn there’s not much time left for school, work, or leisure time with friends and family.

This is why we walk. We walk on behalf of those who walk every single day. We walk to raise awareness and shed light on the global water crisis. We walk to raise funds that support our ongoing effort of transforming lives through safe water solutions. We walk so that one day women and children will have safe water that is close to home. This means they’ll have more time to study, more time to tell stories, time to love and care for each other, time to sing, dance and laugh and time to think about other things besides where their next sip of water is going to come from. We walk so that they may know the Living Water. We walk so that they may have safe water.

Will you join us? Search for your city on the Find a Walk page, or visit the Host a Walk page to bring a Walk for Water to your community!


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