Walk for Water: I Am X

Roughly 1.8 billion people lack access to safe water. That’s an astronomical problem. And the solution is pretty complex as well. But if I had to simplify this massive problem down to one simple equation, it would be this;

Water Mission + X = Changed Lives

Let me take a minute to break that down.

Water Mission is a team of builders. As engineers, marketers, implementers, fundraisers, volunteers and donors. Each of us is building an important piece of a solution that lasts. Each engineering plan, pipe fitting, and installation is a piece of a solution that God is using to place communities around the world back to where He intended them to be. We believe we are following His blueprint. God never intended for some to have safe water and others to suffer. So each of our actions—in partnership with yours—adds up to lives saved.

Thulodhading, Nepal - June 19, 2015









X is the variable. And in this equation, it’s the variable that makes true life-change possible. It’s necessary to understand the value of X, so that you can understand this equation in its entirety. So, what is the value of X?

“I AM X”

And so are you. You are incredibly unique and valuable. Whether or not you recognize it, you are a leader and influencer. Add up your talents, your passions, your experiences, your friendships, your social network and your workplace – and you’ll see that you possess the ability to truly change lives. God never intended for some to have safe water and others to suffer and we have the opportunity to do something about this.

Changed lives is what people all over the world experience whenever they receive the gift of safe and living water. Water is essential to life, so when water is given, life is given.


We believe that you are the variable of change. This year, we’re hosting many Walk for Water events throughout the United States to raise awareness and promote action towards the global water crisis. Whether you’re a part of the 10th Annual Charleston walk, walking in Silicon Valley this April, or wondering how to host your own Walk in your community, you have the ability to change lives this year. By giving up your time, a Saturday morning, and some physical energy, more people around the world will be able to drink safe water this year. And we think that’s just the beginning.

Water Missions International - Ebola Response, Monrovia, Liberia 2014

We can’t wait to see how this equation multiplies.

Will you walk with us? #IAMX

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