Top 10 Ways to Not Raise Any Money


For years, many people have tried effortlessly to not raise any money for the Walk for Water. It’s seemed to be an impossible task. But friends, we’ve got news for you. It IS possible! Over the past few years, the Association of No Income Fundraising (ANIF) has done countless studies and have invested hours of research into how one might yield no results in their fundraising efforts. The top 10 ideas are in. Here they are:

#1    Do Nothing

As surprising as it sounds, this has become the number one way to not raise funds. Reminds me of what my granddad use to say, “You raise not because you try not.”

#2    Refuse Donations

Sometimes people want to make a donation to a great cause, but research shows that refusing the donation will guarantee you don’t raise any money.

#3    Don’t Tell Anyone

This is a growing trend that is sure to perform. Don’t tell a single soul that you’re fundraising. Keep it all to yourself. They’ll never know.

#4    Deny All Claims

If someone asks you, “Are you walking in the Walk for Water?” simply deny any-and-all affiliation with this event. If you do, good chance nobody will assume you are a fundraiser.

#5    Lie About What You’re Fundraising For

People like to donate to causes that are worth supporting. If you tell people that you’re fundraising to send the Kardashians to college, or to increase littering issues in their neighborhood, you’re guaranteed to get no money.

#6    Avoid Fundraising on Social Media

We all get tempted to share the good work we are doing on social media. But, that’s a sure way to get people to rally behind your cause. If you don’t want to raise any money, make sure you don’t mention it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To take it to the next level, don’t like, comment or share anything posted by Water Mission. That may tip people off, and then BAM you get a donation.

#7    Do Not Plan a Fundraising Event

Top fundraisers plan events to raise money. Some of the easiest, but most-profitable fundraisers are bake sales, movie nights and loose change collections. If you avoid those, people will keep their money in their wallets.

#8    Collect Money in a Faulty Donation Receptacle

This is a lesser-known method. In fact, sometimes the fundraiser had good intentions, just a bad donation receptacle. We’ve all seen people collecting loose change in all sorts of things – buckets, old Campbell’s soup cans, water bottles, bowls, fireman’s boots, etc. But, if the receptacle of your choice has a hole in it, all donations will fall to the ground, leaving you without any money. If you can’t find a container with holes in it, try making your own.

#9    Wait Until the Last Minute to Ask

Waiting ‘til the very last minute leaves people unable to help you. I mean, barely anyone carries cash these days. So, if you wait until 30 minutes before the end of the day before the Walk, there’s a good chance that people who would willingly donate just won’t be able to, because they didn’t have time to stop by an ATM, empty their change jar or get cash back from the grocery store.

#10 Don’t Create a Strategy

Research shows that most people need to hear about something seven times before they make a conscious effort to do something about it. That includes fundraising. Don’t create a fundraising strategy, and there’s a good chance you won’t effectively communicate your fundraising goals. Simple enough, right?

And there you have it, the top 10 ways to not raise any money at all. The funny thing is, most people don’t plan to not raise money, they just don’t think about it. If you’re hoping to raise money, then this blog may not have been helpful. But, I think you get the point, right?

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  1. Reply Ethel Briggs March 25, 2016

    We started our fundraising effort on the Sunday after Ash Wednesday (Feb, 14) with an announcement. The following Sunday I handed out the water and made an announcement. I made announcements every Sunday except the second Sunday of March (when I gave a temple talk for the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf, which I do almost every second Sunday), Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. I use various pieces from the web site to create the announcements.
    On April 3rd I have a small walk planned for the congregation. I will mark off with painters tape a 57 foot walkway which would have to be traveled 370 times to go get water (approx 4 miles) plus a bucket with 5 gallons of water so they may know the weight with the instructions that they need to walk with the water another 370 times to just get home. I will also be making announcements and temple talk(s) the Sundays in April.
    When I introduced the water bottles to the congregation, I was told by one person that if I took away the Sunday morning coffee, I would be run out of town on a rail, so instead of replacing their morning coffee and the coffee with our Lenten light suppers, I pledged to donate to Water Missions the cost of keeping the coffee during these times from Ash Wednesday through Water Sunday.

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