Host a Walk

Host a Walk

It’s difficult to fathom what life is like for those without access to safe water. The problem can seem so enormous it’s hard to know just how to help the millions of people we’ve never met. But what if your next door neighbor’s pipes burst, and they asked you for water. Would you say yes? Of course you would! By joining or hosting a Walk for Water, that is exactly what you are doing. You’re saying “Yes” to sending safe water to your neighbors in need around the world.

How it Works

1. Form Your Squad
This can consist of friends, family, church, school, coworkers, or anyone else who might be interested in planning a fun, meaningful event.

2. Set a Date, Route & Goals
We recommend mapping out a 3.5 mile route – the average distance women and children walk every day in search of water. Feel free to shorten or lengthen the route based on your group’s needs.
Most groups fill up their buckets with water at the half-way point, and post signs along the route that tell facts about the global water crisis. (List of facts can be found in the resource toolkit. Fill out the form below to access.)
Setting participation and fundraising goals will help you plan and promote your event.

3. Spread the Word
Walking for Water is more fun with friends! Whether they can carry buckets with you or support you financially, asking your networks to join the effort is a great way to spread awareness and inspire action.

4. Walk for Water!
By walking, you are acting in solidarity with those who are forced to make the dangerous, time-consuming trek every single day to provide water for their families. Through the funds and awareness raised by your Walk, entire communities will be transformed through the power of safe water!

Ready to begin? Fill out the form below to access our Walk for Water toolkit. It’s chock full of goodies to make the planning and promotion of your Walk for Water fun and easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Water Mission?

Water Mission is a nonprofit Christian engineering organization that designs, builds and implements safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas. Since 2001, Water Mission has used innovative technology and engineering expertise to provide access to safe water for more than 3 million people in 52 countries. To learn more about Water Mission, visit

Where does the money go?

Funds raised are used where they are most needed to provide safe water and sanitation around the world. Charity Navigator has awarded Water Mission their top rating nine years in a row, a distinction shared by only one percent of the charities rated by the organization. For a more detailed breakdown of how Water Mission allocates funds, see our financial statements at

How long does my Walk for Water have to be?

It’s up to you! We recommend setting up a 3.5 mile route – the average distance women and children walk every day to collect water around the world. But feel free to shorten or lengthen the route to suit your community’s needs.

Where can I get buckets?

How you carry water is completely up to you. Sometimes hardware stores are willing to donate buckets. It can also be a fun challenge to collect water in items you have around the house. Milk jugs, watering cans, old canisters, get creative! This is more realistic to conditions in the field, and you can even decorate your carrying recepticles.

How can my group get a cool fundraising website?

Fill out the form above and our Walk Team will be in touch to discuss fundraising options with you!

Still have questions?

Fill out the form above to learn more!

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